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ESD Products LLC has invested years in thorough research to create the original glass-breaking flashlight end cap. Xcapecaps are the first safe and effective flashlight end-caps that will replace the OEM end cap on your existing flashlight. We have developed an innovative product that is made of very strong, lightweight, aerospace grade materials to exacting tolerances.

With a unique, patent-pending NO SNAG profile, Xcapecap makes your Flashlight more easily holstered and retrieved. The specially hardened strike-point is set in a solid billet cap of 7075 aluminium is very effective in shattering auto tempered glass with little effort for multiple strikes.

Xcapecaps provide a safe and effective emergency escape tool for your home, vehicle, boat, airplane, or personal carry-on flashlight.

ESD Products also designs and manufactures other new innovative flashlight products such as replacement bezels and proprietary flashlight tail cap switches.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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    Xcapecap patent pending
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