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Choose which XCAPECAP you wish to order below, or call us at (949) 742-2759 to inquire about an order.

note: new high-grade O-rings are provided with every cap
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Order your Xcapecap for Streamlight products

Stinger Poly Xcapecap - $28
Stinger LED Xcapecap - $28
Ultra Stinger Xcapecap - $28
Ultra HP Xcapecap - $28

Order your Xcapecap for Maglite products

Maglite D-Cell - $28
(Available in black, blue or red. Please specify color during order process)
UNAVAILABLE Standard Maglite C-cell - OUT OF STOCK
Mini Maglite - $23
Maglite Billet Striker D-Cell - $49

Order your Xcapecap for INOVA products

INOVA T-5 - $28

Order your Bezels

Talon Bezel for Maglite D & C- $35
Executive Bezel for Maglite D & C - $35
Talon Bezel for Mini Maglite - $28

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